Currently, there are no national level polices or regulations specific to solid waste management in Sri Lanka. According to existing laws, the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment and the Central Environment Authority (CEA) are the entities with national responsibilities for solid waste,  but, they seem to have no comprehensive policy and/or regulatory document specific for solid waste except for three gazette notifications. The 2011 Waste Regulations Act (England and Wales)  by the UK government is an example the Ministry may emulate.

The Western Province Waste Management Authority (WP-WMA) is another institution for emulation. It was set up in 2007  through an  Ordinance of the Western Province.  In 2008 the Authority gazetted a comprehensive set of  Rules and Regulations for SWM in the province though mechanisms  for compliance of such by local authorities are rather weak in the present institutional/regulatory framework.  WP-WMA’s guidelines for unsolicited proposals are particularly useful in an environment where there is much distrust about  the present procurement processes for mass-scale projects.  Although more improvements to its institutional /regulatory framework are needed, the WP-WMA remains an example of how a province can take the initiative to manage its affairs despite the absence of a national framework.

National Policies (inactive or unpublished drafts):