On 14 April 2017, the day of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, the garbage dump at Meethotamulla, Sri Lanka, exploded, claiming more than thirty lives. Two loud questions were loudly asked in the highly publicized chaos that followed: who was responsible for the damage, and what do we do now?

Dr. Sujata Gamage is a senior researcher at LIRNEasia and an expert on solid waste management and policy. In the aftermath of the tragic incident, she rallied together friends from Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya and the Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities to launch the Campaign for Sustainable Solid Waste Disposal.

The goal of the campaign is to ensure that, by 2020, the two big questions of who and what have clear answers. The campaign will collate and synthesize the best available scientific knowledge, policy research and practical experience on solid waste management, to make recommendations on the following:

  • A suitable infrastructure and the regulatory framework
  • A suitable methodology

…for sustainable solid waste disposal in Sri Lanka.