How to eat a buth packet (The eco-friendly way)

We understand that making food from home early in the morning and packing it in reusable containers and bringing them to work everyday is not always practical, and we end up resorting to kade buth packets. So here are a few tips to we can follow to make disposing these buth packets the eco friendly way!

The paper cover of the bath packet should be folded and put away with other A4 sized paper waste. If the paper is contaminated with sauce put it in your wet garbage.

Left over food should be thrown out in the wet garbage bin.

Polythene lunch sheet should be thrown into the contaminated polthene bin.

Extra hodi (sauce) should be drained down the sink if no pieces are in it and the bag into the contaminated polythene bin.


Click here to view a video we made on it!Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.06.05 PM