Colombo-our-city (CoC) is a network to share information about city services, and act more knowledgeably to make our city a better place.

If you live in the city limits of Colombo and want to do something about the solid waste situation or any other issue about our city, this is your space.

This network is administered by the Campaign for Sustainable Solid Waste Disposal. Sujata Gamage is the convener, and LIRNEasia, Sarvodaya and the Federation of Sri Lanka Local Government Authorities are the institutional partners.

CoC’s goal is to connect with at least one person from each of the 55 Grama Niladari Divisions (GNDs) in the city and receive information from them through online, SMS or phone surveys. We will use the information to work with the CMC and improve city services. They will also do additional research or search for additional information and post.

A bigger and stronger network will help our collective voices to be heard better.

Please LIKE and SHARE CoC Facebook page to join the network and stay updated about the city.


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