First Strategy Planning Meeting

The first strategy planning meeting of the Campaign for Sustainable Solid Waste Management was held at the LIRNEasia premises on Wednesday, 17 May 2017. Representatives from the organizing bodies, LIRNEasia, Sarvodaya and the FSLGA (Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities) discussed the long- and short-term objectives of the campaign.

L-R: Nishantha Preethiraj (Sarvodaya), Prashanthi Weragoda (LIRNEasia), Vinya Ariyaratne (Sarvodaya), Sujata Gamage (Convener, LIRNEasia), Chamindha Rajakaruna (Sarvodaya), Hemanthi Goonersekara (FSLGA), Lakshaman Bandaranayake (Sarvodaya), Rohan Samarajiva (LIRNEasia)



Sujata Gamage, waste management and policy expert for LIRNEasia and Convener of the solidwasteLK Campaign, presented a concept note on the committee’s mandate, for discussion. Beside her is Nishantha Preethiraj from Sarvodaya who made contributions to refining the concept note.


L-R: Chamindha Rajakaruna (Sarvodaya), Vinya Ariyarathna (Sarvodaya) and Hemanthi Goonesekera (FSLGA) each brought valuable perspective to the conversation. Here, Vinya Ariyarathna describes the contribution Sarvodaya is able to make to the solidwasteLK campaign through its grassroots networks.


The meeting was also attended by Rohan Samarajiva and Prashanthi Weragoda from LIRNEasia. Outside the frame, on R is Lakshaman Bandaranayake from Sarvodaya SEEDS who also contributed to refining the concept note on the mandate of the committee.


Press Release: Launch of Campaign for Sustainable Solid Waste Disposal

Exactly one month after the tragedy of the Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse, we officially launched the Campaign for Sustainable Solid Waste Disposal.

Press releases were sent to all the prominent news media in Sri Lanka.

Press Release: Launch of Campaign for Sustainable Solid Waste Disposal (E)

මාධ්‍ය නිවේදනය: තිරසාර ලෙස කසළ බැහැර කිරීම සඳහා වූ ව්‍යාපාරය ආරම්භය (S)

செய்தி வெளியீடு: நிலையான திடக்கழிவு அகற்றலுக்கான பரப்புரை (T)